This is where Lopolight started out back in 2004, so we have many solutions and neat combinations for this size of boats and yachts. The COLREGs (Convention on the International Regulation for Preventing Collisions at Sea) provides some flexibility in combinations and installations – and we have used them all to get the best solution for your yacht!

But, please, do remember that the COLREGs and national rules for approvals ALSO applies for this vessel size, regardless of what some manufacturers claim – you need type-approved navigation lights, nothing else should be considered for the safety of you and your passengers.

Lopolight offers combined sidelights in various forms, combination steaming light, stern, and anchor to avoid the proverbial ‘Christmas Tree’ of lights on flybridge power boats.

All our navigation lights are available in silver or black anodized aluminium, with various mounting bases and options.

We have put together some packages based on experience, please see below for inspiration – or go direct to the products section.


Elegant design, high quality materials and worldwide approvals – your yacht deserves nothing less!

Lopolight offers a full range of navigation lights dedicated for yachts between 20 and 50 meters, resulting in a compact and precise solution with good value for money. Both as single and double lights for redundancy. Navigation light control and monitoring is important, with many options for interfacing and integration into the bridge system – whilst remaining quite compact.

The range is complete with combination lights, such a masthead with anchor and with innovative lights such as a masthead with anchor or innovative 180° lights that mounts very discreetly on your mast to form Not Under Command lights or other signal light tasks.

The famous Lopolight service is not only a 5 year warranty but also an offer of assistance to create the best solution precisely for your yacht. You are invited to share the details of your vessel, and we will revert with a proposal.  If you cannot wait for this, we have created a few popular selections for you below.


When deciding to install one or more Lopolights on your mast there are a number of considerations and tasks to perform before we end up with a successful installation.

We are aware that some of our colleagues offers a mounting kit, but early on we decided against that, there simply too many different shapes and sizes of masts! For a light installation that has to work for many years and look fantastic at the same time, it is better to contact the builder of the spar they normally have mounting systems and kits that allow for mounting of Lopolight Masthead lights, Tricolors and more.

For the electrical installation you have to decide whether the existing cable is good for another 10-15 years, or if you want to upgrade this, for most of our lights we are able to deliver them with long cables – up to 30 meters for the tricolor lights, then you avoid the cable connection at the light, a notorious weak point in any installation.



Where possible we give you the choice of mounting, whether you want it mounted on a vertical face – we term these lights ‘vertical mounted lights’ or on a shelf aligned with the Horizon – ie. ‘horizontal mounted lights’.